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July 23, 2010 / Alex Robertson

Superquick Friday Blog Post

I’ve got a few things in the drafts stages which I will hopefully be bringing to you in the next week but……

Something happened to me a few minutes ago which caused me to pause for thought…. and then write.

I wandered across the road from the office onto the Grassmarket to grab some milk and a Lion bar (ROAR) – from a shop I might add, not some unsuspecting tourist. I brought my wares to the counter and paid, whacked the Rolos, Lion bar, Munchies and two freddos in my pocket (its Friday!!) and turned to leave.

The kind shopkeep suddenly piped up from behind me “Mind your milk!”

Of course I, and most people in Edinburgh, know this means “Remember your milk!”

But I grew up in the north east of england (Hartlepool), where “to mind” is to beware of something.

My mind – obviously fuddled by coffee and cake and Sodash flavoured icedrink this morning – decided that “mind your milk” meant that the milk was making an aggressive leap from the counter!!

My instincts kicked in and I span around, crouching with arms outstretched like some sort of sugar high ninja, ready to grab the milk before it hit the floor.

The lass behind the counter stared. I stared back. The tourist looking at street maps (no intention of buying) eyed me wondering whether a back flip was imminent….

I picked up my milk and left. “Mind your dignity….” I like to think the girl wanted to shout after me.

Anyway… I got back to the office and sat there thinking about language. How for different people, one simple word can change everything. It can mean an understanding or a complete misunderstanding.

This is certainly something that I thought I always had in the forefront of my mind when writing to prospective clients.

I looked at the E-mail I had just finished drafting and sure enough quickly spotted two instances where I had used not quite jargon phrases, but words tech industry specific enough to limit the chances of the e-mail being passed forward to a non-tech savvy superior.

I guess I had one of those realisation moments I thought only happened in films, and wanted to share. Remember your audience.

Happy Friday!

Also – I need to find a new shop to get my milk from.


Please please leave a comment or msg me if you have advise about my writing style. Its the only way I’ll learn!



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  1. Joe / Jul 23 2010 4:23 pm

    Haha, I like it Alex!

    I bought a sandwich at lunch, when the guy handed it over he said “Can you manage that?” to which I thought “Erm, yeah, I’m pretty hungry”, but he was actually asking if I could carry it while using crutches. I smiled to myself, and only just avoided laughing in his face.

    • Alex Robertson / Jul 23 2010 4:26 pm

      brilliant joe! I wish you had said it. Equal red face moment.

  2. Guido / Jul 24 2010 4:56 am

    Excellent story.

    1) Is “suger” a word over there?
    2) What is “eye’d” a contraction of?
    3) What kind of a flavor is Sodash?

    • Alex Robertson / Jul 24 2010 9:12 am

      Ahhh Well picked up there Guido.

      Suger = Sugar – I missed it in the spell check somehow (friday brain shall be blamed)
      eye’d was meant to say “eyed” as in “watched”
      Sodash is the company I work for – the link within the phrase carried you to a twitter picture post on twitpic showing me holding a ice drink that was the same colour as my corporate logo. But if you really want to know Sodash tastes like rasberries.

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