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August 10, 2010 / Alex Robertson

Festival Bingo Time! #edtwingo

I thought I’d do my part to bring a little joy to those of us who are in Edinburgh for the festival by introducing a little competition With REAL prizes for the best tweets or photos. These include

1st Prize – Bottle Wine
2nd Prize – £4 pick ‘n’ mix (you can select up to 6 different sweet types but make sure you pick light ones!)
3rd Prize – A copy of the guardian

All you have to do is look at the Bingo sheet below. take note of what we’re looking for and take photos around the fringe. This might be any of the phrases you see on a poster or flyer, maybe its something you see on the royal mile. Take a snap of it and tweet it with the special #edtwingo #tag.

I’ll collect them all together and Retweet the best. This isn’t about volume although there is a special bonus prize for anyone completing the entire set!

Now I’m sure you agree that prizes of this calibre are going to ensure a pretty high level of competition so make sure you try your hardest and get tweeting some photos!!


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