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September 21, 2010 / Alex Robertson

All good things….

Some news…..

After a fantastic four months with the company I am sad to announce I am to leave my position at Sodash.

Despite loving working with Dan and Joe, I have been offered a place working with a company which I could not turn down. I will continue to work with Sodash and help them out whenever possible because I really believe it has huge applications in social media monitoring and engagement. Certainly I will miss using it daily!

As of next Monday I shall be starting a new job with an Edinburgh based company. I’ll post when I move but I want to get settled first! I’m very excited and am looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt in this time to the new job.

I couldnt find a picture of me riding into the sunset so heres a picture of me trying to ride along a beach…

Although I shall not be abandoning twitter and I shall still attend #EdCM when I can; I’d like to thank everyone from #EdCM that I’ve talked to over the last few months for all I’ve learnt about social media. Also everyone I follow on twitter for the links and banter.

I’d like to also thank Dan Winterstein and Joe Halliwell. They gave me a lot of freedom with this role and welcomed me into the company. I’ve learnt a huge amount and will miss working in an office with them.
The move from Sodash is very amicable. In fact Dan can be quoted as saying

“We are delighted to see the back of that son of a scurvy dog.”

Followed by a more heartfelt;

“It has been a pleasure to work with Alex. He did a great job at Sodash; built good client relationships and really helped shape our marketing. We wish him all the best, and I hope we’ll continue to work with him on occasion.”

Now I’ve just got to hope they don’t miss all the pens and post it notes I’ve stolen…..

For contacting Sodash use : or there will still be a response from


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