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January 25, 2011 / Alex Robertson

Buy me a beer for charity

Stretching before a big race....

Will you buy me a beer for charity?

Want to know why? Interested in Micro-donations? Read on!

**UPDATE** You can see me on The Guardian website here:

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far. Please tell your friends and ask them to help me out!

This weekend I am doing the Tough Guy challenge and I’m going to raise some money for Charity. Hopefully £1000+ in 5 days. I’d really like you to help! Please read on or your can donate straight away here!

It’s billed as the safest most dangerous thing you can do in the UK. It’s a tough cross-country run then a very hardcore assault course. All at the end of January! More info here (Wikipedia) and here (official website) and below

All I’m asking is that as many people as possible make a minimum donation of the cost of a beer/wine/large soft drink. Specifically the cost of these in Edinburgh, lets call it £3.

Half goes to the Tough Guy charity’s H.A.W.K and half will go towards the charity I work for called Challenges Worldwide. This is specifically to fund improvements and some UI issues to our website. In turn this will help up focus our efforts on building economically, environmentally and socially sustainable business in developing countries. Any extra money will be put into a grant fund to support our volunteers fund raising efforts.

I am really keen to promote this sort of micro-donation as a great way to donate money to local charities. A small amount each week to different people can make a huge difference.

If everyone I know donated the price of a beer then were going to raise a heck of a lot for charity in a relatively short time!

Currently:  Facebook friends – 651, linkedin to – 155, Followers on Twitter – 408, Friends with no on-line presence – many.

Accounting for crossover and bots that’s still probably over 1000 people! At £3 each there could be a real impact here!

You can hear about the experience afterwards in this blog where I will tell you everything. This will include telling you if (when) I cried in fear of crawling underground and how many girls beat me. I’ll also discuss micro-donation and the feedback I received.

So, please donate the cost of a beer (£3) for some really worthwhile causes. Of course if you would like to donate more, then the charities will gladly accept it!

My own beer ration for the next two weeks has already gone straight into this fund. So please please give me the cost of a beer for charity! Lets make this amazing for the charities involved.

For those of you who don’t know Tough guy there is some barely decipherable but undeniably genius information here :

For a slightly easier to understand version :

So – again. All I’m asking is a minimum donation of the cost of a beer. Specifically the cost of a beer in Edinburgh. Lets call it £3.

The Fund raising site is Tough guy’s own, non flashy and  simple to use service. It’s the easiest way to do fund raising to meet their code of conduct.

Thank you in advance.



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